Ever think, “There has to be more to life than this?” 

There is.


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"Great start to what I believe may be a best seller.
Simple prescriptions for a wonderful life."


"I really enjoyed the introduction, and it would appear that you created a very smooth inroad and incentive to the reader wanting to really dive in."


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You can create almost any life experience you want badly enough and are willing to work for.

You start by building a new understanding of who you are and how you work. Then you take yourself on life changing adventures using techniques that open doors to new experiences right away.

The screens you watch on smart phones, television and video games are shaping who you are in unpredictable ways.
    Unless you are aware of this and in control of your thoughts and             actions, you could become a screen slave.
Chapter 1

Understanding how your brain, body and environment build your experience puts you in charge.
    Your experience of 'reality' is a best guess. Discover whole new ways     of experiencing your life.
Chapter 2

Explore how your upbringing and culture shape and limit what you know and can do.
    Open new self understanding and points of view to free your thoughts     and feelings.
Chapter 3

This is the only time and place you you are alive and can experience or do anything.
    Learn to accept yourself and the world as it is now. Then do whatever     takes you in the direction you want to go.
Chapter 4

Paying attention is how you take control. Focus your attention to         shape and move toward new experiences in a more satisfying life.         Chapter 5

Let go of fear and negativity.
    Accept and work with your feelings to move toward a positive way of     living in happiness and peace.
Chapter 6

Change your point of view and the way you think, feel and act to shape what is happening.
    Imagine who you want to be. Then recreate yourself in that direction     from now on. Use the GRIN adventure to turn your experience             positive every time.
Chapter 7

The stories you tell yourself and live by are imaginations, not reality.
    You can let go of old stories that don't work. You can try out new             beliefs, new stories and points of view that will change your life. You     can't get rid of the storyteller, that’s you.
Chapter 8

You imagine that the world of words matches the world of direct experience. It doesn't.
    Changing the way you understand and use words, grammar and             logic will open powerful insights that will reshape your experience.         Chapter 9

What you think you know for sure quite often doesn't match reality.
    Use this method to test your knowledge. Confirm that what you think     you know for sure actually is.
Chapter 10

Understand the workings of status, power and control.
    Open up possibilities for making life work your way.
Chapter 11

Build a set of skills to get along with yourself and with the rest of us in any situation. Chapter 12

Learn how to maintain good health and avoid bad practices.
    Good health is your natural state for a long and happy life.
Chapter 13

Be aware of how the Digital Revolution is changing your life.
    The digital universe has quietly taken over, running in the                       background, running our lives.  Chapter 14

You can train your brain and body to produce almost any experience you want and are willing to work for.

    You built the habits and practices that make your life work the way it     does. Explore changes that will bring you closer to how you truly want     to live. Chapter 15

You’ll come alive, full of new ideas, excited about the future. You have a wonderful life ahead of you waiting to happen.

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