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Adventures in Self Discovery - Refocus and Renew Your Life


Are you willing to explore, experiment and choose to enjoy a new way of living now?
You may be a new human?

13 adventures in living as a new human

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Introduction - Who Are The New Humans?

1 How We Got This Way

2 How We Are Built

3 This Is It - Now is the only time you are alive and able to change your life. How to make NOW work for you.

4 Paying Attention - How your power to change comes from focusing on your immediate experience.

5 Feelings Are First - Working with feelings is the way you stabilize and ground your life every moment.


6 Who Are You? - Trying out new points of view and ways of experiencing will change who you are and how you present yourself.

7 What's Your Story? - Stepping aside from the beliefs and stories you live by will open up understandings and build new ways of being.

8 How Do Words Work?- Exploring how words, grammar and logic don't fit reality but actually will open new ways of thinking.

9 What Do You Know For Sure? - Much of what you believe is just not so. The adventure is sorting out the ideas that get better results.

10 Manage Your Health - Good health is our natural state.

11 Get Along With Yourself - Adventures in moving beyond who you are now to what's possible in life.

12 Get Along With The Rest Of Us - Tools to work with people, within groups and networks

13 Change Your Experience - You can give yourself almost any experience you really want and are willing to work for.

Previews will be replaced by the actual Chapters as the editing progresses.

Improbable Endorsements

"What a great guide to letting go of old ways and moving
ahead right now!"

"Finally, some practical help for surviving life's imaginary
crises. Simple, profound wisdom for finding those hidden lessons."

Sigmund Freud

"A bonanza for people willing to be alive right now, pay attention, take charge of their lives and move on."
Albert Einstein

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Who Am I?
Author, Keith Gilchrist brings business experience from years
as a partner in a major New York management consulting firm, professional experience as a Rolf practicioner and personal experience as a seeker of knowledge to research, develop and share the adventures that allow you to explore and expand
your experience. more about me

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