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Who are they?

We are the explorers in this life, looking for ways to understand and improve our experience. Join us to start changes toward a more satisfying life using the adventures and exercises in The New Humans.

Explore how you build your life and how you can change it. You will discover things about yourself you never knew before. You will find ways to redesign your life and build the experience you've always wanted. Begin the move toward getting the most out of your job, your family life and friends and your community.

Read "The New Human"s to discover how to:

* build a new understanding of who you are and how you work

* try out new approaches that will change your life.

* shape your feelings toward happiness and peace.

* build the skills to get along with yourself.
  (and with the rest of us).

* create almost any experience you want badly enough and are        willing to work for.

As you read, you will take yourself on a series of adventures, explorations and exercises that will open up new ways of understanding and living.

Lets get started.

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Free Bibliography of 100+ books
The knowledge that built The New Humans

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The Author

Keith Gilchrist experienced his own transformation as he went from being a partner in a major management consulting company with offices in Rockefeller Center.....to being a Rolf practitioner and graphic designer living in the jungle on Maui.

Keith  is a World War II veteran with a Bachelor Of Arts degree from the University of Chicago. Along the way he was a home designer and builder, marketing research manager and management consultant to Fortune 50 companies. He worked as staff Rolf Practicioner at Esalen Institute, spent time in an ashram in India and explored many paths to self discovery. His personal experience led him to find, develop and share the adventures that will allow you to explore and expand your experience. To learn more about Keith, click about
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Free Download "The New Humans" Bibliography,
a list of the 100+ books that contributed most to the adventures.
Download The New Humans Bibliography PDF free

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Free Bibliography of 100+ books
The knowledge that built The New Humans

Download The New Humans Bibliography PDF


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